Goa, India 2011


Welcome to my website.

I am Nar Kumar Chhantyal, usually known as Nar or Kumar. I am originally from Nepal. Few years back, I moved to Berlin, Germany for work (and then to Stuttgart). Before that, I studied and worked in India for five years.

Professionally, I am Software Developer/Data Engineer, thus know a thing or two about computers and internet 🙂 I am interested in web services, big data, product building and good UX.

Apart from building things on/for the internet, I like reading books, running/cycling, traveling and trying to do things cool kids do 😜

Anyways, if you would like to stay in touch – we can do social network thing (links to my profiles are below). You can also write to me at noblenara [at] gmail.com


Other open source projects are on Github, including source for this website.



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I might write blog post once in a while on Medium.